Why is the pre-order button not displayed?

  1. Make sure that pre-order is enabled  and status is displayed for the product / variant in the app. 
    If the app displays other status then pre-ordering is not available because of some conditions:
    - Pre-order limit reached (configure in the product / variant settings)
    - Current date doesn't match pre-order schedule (configure in the product / variant settings)
    - There are still several items in stock.

    The pre-order button is displayed only if the quantity of items in stock is less than or equal to zero.

    What do pre-order statuses mean?

  2. Check that pre-order is enabled for your location. 
    Pre-order is enabled for all countries by default.
    Settings→ App Settings → Overall settings → Pre-order is enabled for following locations:

  3. Open the product page  or reload already opened page with clearing cache (Ctrl+F5) and select the variant.
    If the pre-order button is not displayed for this variant, although the app shows  status, then you should contact support.