Do I need to do anything if I uninstall the Pre-Order Manager app?

  • Open Themes section on the admin panel of your web store (Online Store → Themes);

  • Find Theme from the list which will be used with our installed app.

  • Click Actions  Edit Code.

  • Go to Templates section and remove the following code from product.liquid, collection.liquid and cart.liquid which starts from the line:

<!-- spurit_po-added -->

and finishes with the line

<!-- /spurit_po-added -->

  • Go to Snippets section and delete the files spurit_po-product-snippet.liquid, spurit_po-collection-snippet.liquid and spurit_po-cart-snippet.liquid

  • On the Templates section delete the files product-without-spurit_po.liquid, collection-without-spurit_po.liquid and cart-without-spurit_po.liquid

  • if we provided custom Quick Shop integration for your theme, then you should also check the templates index.liquid and search.liquid and delete the block which starts from the line:

<!-- spurit_po-added -->

and finishes with the line

<!-- /spurit_po-added -->