How can I hide/show some invoice elements depending on order status?

  • Proceed to Shopify Admin Panel and then click Settings -> Notifications. Choose Draft Order Invoice.

  • Find the text or HTML code that should vary depending on the order status. You can use CTRL+F to find what you need.

  • Save your original code and replace it with the following:

/* Choose variables depending on what type of split payments you accept.
{{ if tags contains '[[multiple_payment_tag]]' or tags contains '[[share_payment_tag]]' }}
{{ if note == 'Order expired' }}
/* Here you need to paste code for split order invoices deadline (you can leave it blank) */
{{ else }}
/* Here you need to paste code for the rest of split payment invoices (you can leave it blank) */
{{ endif }}
{{ else }}
/* Here you can paste copied code that is used for common orders (you can leave it blank) */
{{ endif }}


P.S. By following this guide you can customize all template elements according to your requirements.