How to start using the Crowdfunding Manager?

Please follow these simple steps to start Crowdfunding campaigns:

  • Review and adjust the global settings of the app from Settings page.

  • Go to the Campaigns section and create a campaign for the product you wish to use crowdfunding process for. You can setup the following:

    • Reward button name that will be shown instead of regular "Add to cart" button on the product page;

    • Add to cart button selector to let the app find this button and replace it with the new one;

    • Description text using available placeholders to show your customers how much money has been collected for the item;

    • Target amount that you wish to collect upfront in order to produce the item;

    • Time range of the campaign. As soon as the time elapses the campaign will be automatically resolved and marked as completed or failed, depending on whether the target amount has been collected or not. You can also resolve the campaigns manually. Just uncheck the "Update the campaign status automatically on expiration date?" option on the Settings page;

    • Some other settings.

  • Visit your product page and make sure everything looks as you would like it to. If you are not 100% satisfied with the design of the button or description area, you can visit the Design section of the app and change the styles of those elements as you want.

  • Go to the Templates section and review the email templates that will be sent to your customers on corresponding events. You can customize their text using available placeholders or you can even enable/disable them.

  • Review your campaign from time to time. You can mark it completed prior to its expiration date if you see that the target amount has been collected. You can mark the campaign as failed if the required amount of money has not been collected or you wish to cancel it for some other reasons. In this case please do not forget to send refunds to the customers that signed up to the campaign. The app doesn't manage the refunding process. You need to do this by yourself by using the payment system that you have received the payments with.