How to better navigate through Crowdfunding orders in Shopify orders panel?

  Just follow this short guide to have an accessible list of your crowdfunding orders list in the Shopify orders panel.

  • Specify the tag on the Settings page of the app to mark all new crowdfunding orders. By default it is set as "Crowdfunding".

  • All new orders with crowdfunded items will be marked with that specified tag.

  • Visit the Orders page in Shopify admin panel.

  • Crowdfunding orders can be distinguished by the tag. Add the "Crowdfunding" condition to the "Tagged with" filter form.

                                                                    (click to enlarge)

  • You will now see a list with all crowdfunding orders of your store. Save this search results and rename prospective list to something of your choice if you'd like.

                                                                                (click to enlarge)

  • You now have a search tab, which will be refilled by new orders as soon as they are created in your store.

                                                                                     (click to enlarge)