How does the Bulk Discount Manager app work?

The app allows to create and schedule discount rules. After activation these rules change Product Price and Compare at Price according to rule settings. The app reverts all prices back after rule deactivation.

Here are the app's working principles:

  • Any discount rule applies only if it is enabled.
  • If a product is included in several active rules with overlapping periods, the earliest activated rule applies to the product. If the earliest rule is disabled, no other rules automatically apply to the product.
  • If a product has an active discount rule and its price gets changed manually in the Shopify Admin Panel, the discount from the rule won't be recalculated. After a rule is disabled, a discount gets removed and the price field receives the compare at price value.
  • If you add or remove a product from a collection to which a discount rule has been applied, the app automatically applies the changes to the product. The app needs up to 12 hours to apply the changes.