How to find products and variants with enabled pre-order in the app?

Open the Products page to see all your products with their pre-order statuses. 

All the products are listed by name in alphabetical order. 10 products are listed on each page.

To find products in a list that spans many pages, you can search and filter the list.

Search for a product

Enter the search words into the field labeled Search products.

The product list automatically refreshes to show only the products that have the words in the product titles.

Filter product list

  1. Click Filter

  2. In the Show all products where menu, select a filter option. Then, in the second menu, select the value. You can select from the following filter options:
    - Product type - Shows the products that are of the selected product type.
    - Product vendor
    -Shows the products that are from the selected product vendor.
    - Collection
    Shows the products that are available in a collection.
    - Pre-order status
    Shows the products depending on their pre-order status.
    What do pre-order statuses mean?

  3. Click Add filter

The filter tag is displayed right below the Filter button.

You can click  to remove the filter.