How to remove the app correctly? [for vintage theme users only]

If you have an Online Store 2.0 theme, no action is required after uninstalling the app.

If you have a vintage theme, after uninstalling Split Payment & Deposit, we recommend you to take the following steps:

  1. Open Themes section on the admin panel of your web store (Online Store → Themes).

  2. Find Theme from the list which will be used with our installed app.

  3. Click Actions → Edit Code.

  4. Find Layouts section and remove the following lines from theme.liquid file:

{% render 'spurit_spp2_theme_snippet' %}

Additionally, find and remove files spurit_spp2_theme_snippet from Snippets section and theme_spp2-backup-16-03-23_17-28-23.liquid from Layouts.