App navigation

The Cartly Sticky Add to Cart app is easy to navigate, which allows users to operate it quickly and efficiently.

The main menu contains the following entries:

  • Home. The home page allows you to see and edit the app settings and provides some additional resources.

  • Custom cart. Allow you to set up the cart popup or slide drawer that appears after clicking the Add to cart button.

  • Add to cart button. Allows you to lead customers directly to checkout after they click the Add to cart button.

  • Buy now button. Allows you to lead customers directly to checkout after they click the Buy now button.

  • Sticky add to cart bar. Allows you to add the sticky add to cart bar to enable customers to add a product to the cart quickly or lead them directly to checkout.

  • Sticky checkout bar. Allows you to add the sticky checkout bar, that will show the total number of items in the cart, total price, and checkout button after adding at least one item to the shopping cart.

  • Payment. Allows you to select and edit your billing plan and view the payment history.

Home page

The Home page is made up of the following blocks:

  1. Core features. The block-based overview of the app’s key features marked as ‘Enabled’ or ‘Disabled’:

  • Custom cart

  • Sticky add to cart bar

  • Buy now button

  • Add to cart button leads to checkout

  • Sticky checkout bar

Select the feature you want to edit to make the desired changes.

2. Share your feedback. Allows you to read reviews and leave feedback on your experience with the app.

3. Explore more support. Contains additional resources, such as the Feature request option, FAQ with answers to the most popular questions about the app, and the Ask support button.


4. Recommended Shopify Apps. The list of Shopify apps that we recommend based on our research.

5. Footer. The lower block containing links to Feature requests, FAQ, Terms and Conditions, and Privacy Policy.